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What is the WatchTower?

The WatchTower is a unique service created by AuxiliumFx that allows you to watch or copy our  traders live.

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The WatchTower service in short is a service that allows you to watch and observe the trades we take on a daily basis.

What makes this service unique is that it allows you to copy the trades we take onto your own brokerage account.

It sure is real! Believe it or not, people do actually make money in this business, there's just not a lot of them. We are among the very few.

You dont need to trust us. Trust your own eyes, our real live trading accounts are attached to and verified by FXBlue which we have zero affliation with.

Haha.. How very observant of you. The accounts you see above you, are our master accounts, for each trading method.

We try to not let them exceed 1500. Our traders job is to add percentage to these accounts.

Example we have 1000 and make 10% profit for the month, so we now have 1100. Trader 1 has 10,000 and has connected his account to our master account so he also recieves 10%, so he now has 11,000.

Its just an easy way for us to manage the account. We have our own big accounts we have linked to the master accounts, displaying those would just be showing off.

For now you can bask in the percentage numbers. Its all about focusing on the percentages, let the dollar amount compound 🙂

Yes sure do! We recommend two brokers. There is our No 1 choice which is IC Markets. With billions in deposits, tight spreads and low costs they are hard to beat.

We also have had great success with EightCap another high end broker that offers stellar service.

Yes of course, just reach out to us in the Contact Us section and we'll get you all setup.

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Accurate trading signals to help you reduce risk and maximize profits. Sign up for a WatchTower account to allow professionals handle the hard work.

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